About Me

I am a human who has been using AI technologies for more than 2 decades now, long before “AI” became popular. 

I use AI tech to increase my earnings as an employee, entrepreneur, and investor. 

The huge explosion in AI tools, systems and interest recently presents a big problem for humans to decide which of them are really useful in increasing our earnings significantly while lowering our costs dramatically — but without sacrificing any quality in the process.

The Synthetic Genius site aims to help you make sense of them all, get the most bang for your buck, and make it possible for you to earn the most amount of money in your career, business and investments with the least amount of time and effort possible. 

The reviews and curations of AI tools and systems on this site cannot be done by AI alone as AI would never use other AI tools that are designed for humans to use. 

Contrary to what you may think, AI will not be able to fully replace humans in many aspects of our lives. Humans have emotions, fears, and aspirations, together with kindness and compassion, and yearnings for meaningful human connections. 

AI machines will never experience any of those. 

Watch out for my reviews, comparisons and informative articles that will turbo charge your efforts in your work, business and investments. 

You’re at the dawn of a huge shift in humanity. I’m happy to be able to help you to transition to the future. 

Sen Ze